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Selecting the right carpet

Below is some great advise from Sacramento carpet cleaning on how to select
the right carpet for your Sacramento home.

When you make that decision to purchase new carpet you will be
delighted with all of the choices for you to select from. The colors and
selections will overwhelm you. Before being transfixed by a color that
you just can’t live without you will need to consider where you will be
installing it as well as how much traffic that area will get on a daily basis.
Remember a bedroom will not get the same amount of daily traffic that
your entry, hall and living room will receive so for that reason you might
want to use a different style and texture. Also when it comes to carpet cleaning
some styles will clean easy the others. Some professional carpet cleaning companies
say that a tight knit carpets are much easier to clean than a high shag carpet.

Maybe you are looking for wall to wall carpeting but you can also select
a style and color, have it cut to a particular size and it can be bound and
used as an area rug to enhance any décor.

When selecting carpeting for your living room and dining area you will
want to pick a stain resistant fiber. A stain resistant carpet will also
need to be considered for your family or rec room.

Carpets are rated. Indoor/outdoor carpeting will range from 1 to 5 with
the higher the number the higher the rating. The higher ratings are also
the best for the areas that will get a lot of traffic.

Try to select a carpet with a 4 or 5 rating for the best results for well
walked areas. You can use a 2 to 3 rating for the areas like bedrooms
where you will have less traffic. If you keep this in mind your carpet
will give a years of durability and save you the money it would take to
replace it.

Wool, though expensive, will give you the highest quality in carpeting.
It will stand the test of time over man made carpet. Using wool will
also give you two benefits. One being that it is naturally soil retardant
and the other is it doesn’t is it does not crush down so it holds up its

Wool does have a downside which is that is it the most expensive.
Considering the amount of carpeting needed to be installed in the entire
house most consumers find the cost beyond their budget. However if
your budget allows you might consider installing wool in your bedroom
areas where traffic will be minimum.

You can select from a wide selection of man made carpets as well that
area also very durable. Nylon is the best especially for those heavily
used and walked on areas. Nylon will also resist stains and avoid

There are also other good man made carpet products that offer you
durability. Consider both olefin and polyester as a choice. They too can
resist water type stains. If you can’t afford wool consider polyester for
the same type look and feel.

Considering where you are going to install your carpet when making
your color selection is also important. If you are wanting to create the
feel of a larger space use a light carpet. The lighter carpet will not give
the same cozy feeling that dark colored carpet will give you. Stains tend
to show more on the lighter carpet.

Most carpet stores will give the consumer the opportunity to take
carpet square samples home to see how the style and color fit into their
decorating scheme. Carpets can look very different depending on the
time of day and the lighting. Natural light will give you a true vision of
what your new carpet will look like in your home.

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